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Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets’ cheer squad is currently comprised of 19 female students, but the squad is not restricted to solely females. The squad consists of students that are energized, enthusiastic, spirited, and dedicated to the sport of cheer. WESM cheerleaders are a talented squad that is known for their infamous toe-touches. WESM cheer squad is a competition squad and they make numerous guest appearances and performances. The cheer squad cheers mostly for WESM’s basketball and football teams but do not limit their support to just those two teams. The WESM cheer squad tries to commit to at least one game for the other sports on campus such as soccer, baseball, and track. This support is extended to both the male and females teams on campus. Cheering for the basketball team has provided the cheer squad with the opportunity to travel to both Bakersfield and Sacramento to support the basketball team in state championships. This squad seeks only those who really have cheer in their heart. So if you are a student who can honestly say cheer is in your heart, then the WESM cheer squad is for you!