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Becoming a Man (BAM)

Youth Guidance’s Becoming A Man® program (BAM®) is a school-based group counseling program that guides young men in 7-12th grades to learn, internalize and practice social cognitive skills, make responsible decisions for their future and become positive members of their school and community. BAM integrates clinical theory and practice, men’s rites of passage work, and a dynamic approach to youth engagement.


Each session is built around a lesson plan designed to develop a specific skill through stories, role-playing and group exercises. BAM students learn and practice impulse control, emotional self-regulation, recognition of social cues and interpreting intentions of others, raising aspirations for the future and developing a sense of personal responsibility and integrity.


Students who participate in BAM are more likely to stay in school, develop healthy relationships, and stay out of the juvenile justice system. With Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets (WESM) 4x4 school schedule, BAM students can connect at least one of our Six core values (Integrity, Accountability, Self-Determination, Positive-Anger Expression, Respect for Womanhood and Visionary-Goal Setting) to their classes and show their cognitive awareness of the material being presented.


Mr. Byrdsong, BAM Counselor/Youth Specialist for Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet, graduated from the University of San Francisco. Mr. Byrdsong majored in Sociology and obtained a minor in Counseling with a focal point in Educational Management. His experience in youth development and empowerment began ten years ago, due to his strong belief that our youth are the future of tomorrow.



What is BAM (Becoming A Man)? - Student's Prospective

  • “Becoming A Man is something that takes a big lead on life and being a man is a big part of life. You’ll have people looking up to you and you’re going to have to start taking care of things on your own. Becoming A Man means you’ll have to be mentally strong for the things that will come at you. For me, becoming a man will bring high expectations for myself, such as getting a house and making sure there is a roof over my head and food on the table. As I get older, I like having the experience of becoming a man. It is fun and I am ready to keep learning how to become a man.” -Chris W.
  • “Becoming A Man is being able to be yourself and to be a man of integrity. Becoming a man is being able to take care of yourself and your loved ones. To become a man is not running away when things get tough, instead, standing by it until you overcome it.” -Robert L.
  • Becoming A Man means growing and becoming the best form of you that you can be. Understanding that not every battle will be won and keeping your head high regardless of losing or not. Becoming A Man means you will not only be coming a provider but a protector and a roll model to those younger than you. Becoming A Man is knowing you will have to be more professional and knowing it won’t be all jokes is a key step into becoming a man. As a kid, you must know you will be tested everyday about life, but how you respond is how you will become a man.” -Andrew P.
  • “Becoming A Man is something hopefully all of us will go through. People have their little definitions on the qualifications to become a man, personally, I think becoming a man is doing the bare minimum and more. I think to be a man, you must be responsible, be courteous, levelheaded, be able to take accountability, be forgiving, and open to different ways of doing things. Accept that, “Your way isn’t the only way.” There are different ways to go about things. A man is someone who can be cordial with people who aren’t the nicest people. A man is someone who can talk out a problem or even sometimes try to avoid violence. All in all, a man is someone with all these qualities and more.” -Josh I.


​​​​​​​For more information, please visit us at BAM Los Angeles and/or email Westchester's Enriched Sciences Magnets (WESM) BAM Youth Specialist, Mr. Byrdsong at [email protected].