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The WESM program has a long, rich history of athletic excellence, emphasizing academic achievement alongside athletic prowess.
We are the home of the most prestigious Boy's Basketball program in Los Angeles California (winning 6 state championships in the past 15 years). However, there is much more to Westchester athletics than Boys Basketball. In the past, we have also won Los Angeles City Section championships in Baseball and Girls Volleyball. The 2022- 2023 school year saw our Boys' Volleyball team win a LA City Championship, and our Girls Basketball team won the LA City Championship. Our Girls' sports teams are as competitive as the boys with Girls Basketball leading the way.
                                                                       Athletics Staff Directory
Sport Head Coach Email
Football Wyatt Henderson [email protected]
Girls Volleyball Peter Johannson [email protected]
Boys Volleyball Peter Johannson [email protected]
Boys Golf    
Cross Country Kurt Goetz [email protected]
G & B Tennis Jonathan Wood [email protected]
Boys Basketball Dewitt Cotton [email protected]
Girls Basketball Dominic Grimes [email protected]
Boys Soccer Scott Boyce [email protected]
Girls Soccer Ashley Murillo [email protected]
Baseball Joshua Saperstein [email protected]
Softball Justin Cohen [email protected]
Flag Football Scott Kido [email protected]
Track and Field Turquoise Williams [email protected]
Girls Golf    
Esports Fernando Chavez [email protected]
Cheer Jaime Jones [email protected]